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Solo Exhibition: "A man that turned into a Fish" (The Graphic Story created by me) , Hostel Abraham, Tel Aviv (Illustration Week TLV, November 2021)

From "Master & Margarita" Exhibition, November 2017

Interview about past Group Exhibiton "Life without sketch" & Solo Exhibition "About a Man who turned into a fish"

The interview with Noa Lavie & Yana Gorelik. As a part of program "Results of the Week" of Knesset Channel.
"Life without Sketch" by Duck&Dodo art group (Olga Yerushalmy, Ksenia Nazarov, Tatiana Papusheva, Olga Vayshebin & Yana Gorelik) "Long Nights, Hot Coffee" solo exhibition of Ksenia Nazarov "About the man who turned into a fish" solo exhibition of Yana Gorelik

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All Videos

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Part of Group Exhibition "Motherwood": Motherhood. Mixed Media

Along with the happiness, fulfillment and fulfillment that there is in parenting, in difficult times and crises in relationships with the adolescent children there is also a lot of pain, frustration, feelings of despair and helplessness. I try to reflect on that pain that is tearing me apart and my attempts to push it back in, seal and sew up the tears in order to move forward and continue to function in daily life.
Also as an artist there are many creations that I don't have enough time or energy to work on, and I make them in between, a kind of tears and patches of thoughts, ideas and processing.

Solo Exhibition: Embrace Tornado (The Graphic Novell ) , Babel , Tel Aviv (Illustration Week TLV, November 2020)

 Solo Exhibition: "Metamorphoses", Tribe Art Gallery, 13 Merkaza Baalej Ha-Malacha Str., Tel Aviv. Septmeber 2020

 Solo Exhibition: "Inside the pearl", 27.05-17.06. 2020, "Babel", Shatz 4, Jerusalem

Solo Exhibition: "About the eternal wondering and the Earth", April-May 2019, Maze9, TEl Aviv

from "Don't put me on Display", Florenitne 4,  April 2018

from "Monstrosity", Omer Tirosh Gallery,  November 2017

From "Objectification" Exhibition, November 2017

From "Curiouser and Curiouser" Exhibition, September 2016

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