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About Me

My name is Yana Gorelik, I'm an artist and illustrator. I work only in hand techniques, love to feel the textures, colors and some randomness of the process- not being able to go back, to be very accurate and connected to what I do, to express the moment.
I'm always learning and discovering new things, searching for more accurate instruments to work with. 

I was born in Saint Petersburg at  May 1978. When I was 12 years old our family had permanently moved to Israel and I live there since.

As long as I remember myself, I have always been drawing, sculpting and creating. But Only when I was older, I understood that the art is my real path- the main thing that help ,express my inner world and reach other people.

My recent works, created in past few years, deal with metaphysical state of self-expression and inner truth.
I go through very complicated phase in my artistic life. The journey that takes me further from pure aesthetics of my earlier graphic works into pursuing more complex issues of dealing with personal fears, insecurities, self-censor, loneliness and other inner demons.  
Though I work in 2 different formats- large acrylic painting and small travel journals, I deal with the same issues-  I try to express my feelings and impressions from surrounding atmosphere. To cherish paradoxal timeless of the city escape, to create silent dialog and intimacy between an individual and urbanic nature. 

I ask myself how one does not loose concept of beauty and aesthetic while dealing with darker deeper themes. The creatures that come from my heart and take life on paper are both horrifying and lovable at the same time. The more serious my subjects become the more barriers I try to build between the drawing and my own self. I search for inner light and bravery; I evaluate the metaphorical world I create on paper and canvas. Can salvation be found in dominion of Demonic? How one finds his inner Truth?


"The Object" Group exhibition

Meirav Rahat for "Portfolio", 28.11.2017

Illustration Festival, TLV 2020 (Solo Exhibition- "How to Embrace Tornado"

"Portfolio", 25.11.2020 , Alexander Hanin (Саша Деда) 2,12,2020

"Embrace Tornado" Solo Exhibition

BIO (Hebrew)

BIO (English)

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