ONGOING Solo Exhibition: "Metamorphoses", Tribe Art Gallery, 13 Merkaza Baalej Ha-Malacha Str., Tel Aviv


 Solo Exhibition: "Inside the pearl", 27.05-17.06. 2020, "Babel", Shatz 4, Jerusalem


Solo Exhibition: "About the eternal wondering and the Earth", April-May 2019, Maze9, TEl Aviv


from "Don't put me on Display", Florenitne 4,  April 2018

from "Monstrosity", Omer Tirosh Gallery,  November 2017

From "Objectification" Exhibition, November 2017

From "Master & Margarita" Exhibition, November 2017

From "Curiouser and Curiouser" Exhibition, September 2016

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rapidograph and indian ink aquarelle paper A4